June Holiday Homework karwai yingjia

In our opinion, we agree with the statement that we should set aside land for natural reserves as it helps to protect the animals in the wild from being endangered. The nature reserves provide us with more fresh air and the homes for the animals. We could also go there for recreational purposes. However if LTA wants to build tracks using all the land that can be used for nature reserves, the impact to the nature is great. For example, by going through a tract of primary and secondary forests, the Land Transport Authority would not only do irreparable damage to a pristine habitat nestling around our reservoirs, but it will also be rendering up to 4km of the 50km rail project void of patronage and revenue. This shows the detrimental impact that LTA will create for the environment if they build the Mrt lines. Without nature reserves, there will be no shelter provided for the animals and may endanger them, therefore land should be set aside for nature reserves.