Could teenage love wreck your life?

After reading this article, I agree that teenage love is a prominent factor in the increase of depression rates in teenagers. According to the article, the more interest that an adolescent expressed in romance, the larger their increase in depression as compared with their counterparts who showed no or little interest. This shows that being very involved in romantic relationships at a young age leads to a higher chance of being depressed. I think this is because teenagers are not very strong and mature emotionally since we do throw tantrums every now and then. As compared to adults, teenagers has lesser worries and are not as exposed to a variety of hardships in the society as they are still studying and are still financially supported by their families. Hence, I feel that teenagers are not ready to be involved in intimate relationships yet because they are not emotionally strong. Therefore, teenagers will not be able to handle the emotional distress and will be easily depressed when the relationship does not work out.

Young Love no longer tabboo in China

China has always been a country with strong competition among the young due to the high population in China. Hence, people often seek comfort and relieve their stress with their loved ones. However, teenagers are now doing it via other means such as exercising as they realise that puppy love may bring other troubles and worries to them. They will not be able to focus on their studies, which is extremely important to the Chinese as they depend on their studies greatly for their future

Smitten With Infatuation - is it real?

We agree with what the author said about infatuation paying no attention to wisdom. Infatuation is the state of being carried away by an unreasonable passion or love. When people are infatuated with someone else, they can only see the other person's positive traits and are oblivious to their weaknesses. This is because they are blinded by love. Hence, being in this state, they would not think logically and act upon reasoning. Therefore, we agree with what the author said.

Young Love no longer taboo in China

In my opinion, puppy love has always been a concern for parents as certain irresponsibility might involve abortions. However, it seems that through the article, certain parents have a different point of view. Indeed, I agree as it is true that they might change themselves to be better for the other party, which is probably one of the positive effect of puppy love. Actually, puppy love would not even become a concern itself if teenagers involved can hold responsibility. Seeing how the mindset of certain people has evolved over the time and changes to be more accepting, I think that parents can be less strict on this matter as long as their children do not go over the line.

'euphoria experienced by youths during a first love can make it more difficult to find happiness with a future partner'

 I agree with this statement as if their first love ended badly, or if they broke up, all the happiness and all the excitement that they feel will be stuck in their head and in the future, when finding a new partner, they will be afraid of whether they will feel the same hurt that they felt when they broke up and will also have higher expectations for their next partner too.causing it to be hard to find their parthner with a higher expectation.

Young Love no longer taboo in China

Opinion: After reading the article, one significant point of the article that we agree is that more and more students in high school and even middle school are falling in love and parents are less and less worried about it.
  In the past, parents were very worried when their child fall in love as they thought that it would distract children from all-important studies and change their life path for the worse. However, now parents see puppy love with benefits. Puppy love can help us gain many experiences and mature. As long as students strike a balance between the puppy love and their academics, we feel that is is fine for students to have puppy love.

Article C: Could Teenage Love wreck your life?

We agree that puppy love will bring detrimental effects as it affects teenagers' future. The relationships of teenagers are very vulnerable. They break up easily. Their happiness are usually short and do not last till university. When they break up, they will be very depressed and could not concentrate on their studies, resulting their grades to drop. Furthermore, as mentioned in the article, girls are easier to get depression if they involved in relationships at a young age. Even if their relationships last long, which is a very small chance, they need to spend time and money on each other. This will cause them to neglect their studies and spending money to buy things for each other. This is a waste of time and money. Thus, puppy love is harmful to our future.

Smitten with Infatuation- is it real?

We agree with the writer's point that infatuation always ends. This is because infatuation is not the same as love. Although the admiration for someone may be intense at a point in time, it does not come with much thought. Thoughts may change over time and feelings for each other might not be the same, that is when infatuation will end. During an infatuation, there is no real commitement involved between the two parties, and is usually based on physical features or qualities of a person. Without a strong foundation, it will not be able to last through an argument or disagreement. Therefore, we agree that infatuation ends as it is a decision made without consideration.

Could Teenage Love wreck your life?

We agree with the article that teenage love can wreck teenagers’ lives because it can cause depression for those who "fall in love" and break up before 17 and it is not uncommon either. When teenagers are too immersed in the relationship or what we call it a crush, they tend to prioritize their relationship first rather than their school work which cause their results to drop dramatically and if they break up, it will cause much depression and they wouldn't have the mood to study. If they don't recover fast, their future might be ruined as their results deteriorate just because of this one mistake of teenage love that doesn't mean anything at all. However, they need to realize that they have a long road in front of them, and stand up strong after getting hurt from their wrong decisions.

Smitten With Infatuation- is it real?

We agree with the author's point that love at first sight is a frequent occurrence, but the chance of such couples having a long term happy relationship is close to zero. Infatuation is only a short-lived love for someone. People who fall in love due to infatuation does not usually go through deep thought about their relationship. They are just blinded and intoxicated by love. Hence, infatuation is not reliable if one intends to find a life partner and starta serious relationship.
One significant point that we agree with the writer is that the euphoria experienced by youths during a first love can make it more difficult to find happiness with a future partner. When youths have their first relationship, they would have a feeling of excitement, setting it as a benchmark. It is nearly impossible to replicate this feeling in subsequent relationships, causing them to feel that adult partnerships are boring and a disappointment. Thus, we agree that avoiding a passionate first relationship can lead to long-term happiness in later relationships.

Puppy love should be avoided 'to make later relationships easier', says sociologist

We do not agree on the author's point of view. Instead, we think puppy love is beneficial and we should not avoid it. Puppy love provides us with invaluable experiences and it helps us to grow and mature. These experiences allow us to look out for what we really want in a relationship and what we would want to avoid repeating.  We believe that a clear picture of the end goal in a relationship is built upon experiences. To sustain a relationship, one would need to have a clear idea of what he or she wants out of it, instead of getting into a meaningless relationship just for the sake of it. No doubt that there are many fishes in the sea, but finding the right one is a difficult task. Perhaps, it would be these experiences that guide us through the waters to find our soul mates.
One significant point in the article that i agree with is that the euphoria experienced by youths during a first love can make it more difficult to find happiness with a future partner.
If youths had a very passionate first relationship, they may expect something better in their future relationships after having experienced their first love, and use that first relationship as a benchmark. This will cause them to be constantly pursuing something extremely unrealistic as they try to strive for more than what was in their first love experience. They will thus never really be satisfied with subsequent relationships in future as they are always going to compare other relationships with their very first. This is why I agree that the euphoria experienced by youths during a first love can make it a lot more difficult for them to find happiness with a future partner. 

Paris attacks

Link: Paris attack—as it happened

On the evening of November 13, 2015, a series of terrorist attacks in Paris killed more than 120 people and injured almost 200, with 80 serious injuries. A Paris city hall official said four gunmen systematically slaughtered at least 87 young people attending a rock concert at the Bataclan music hall. Anti-terrorist commandos eventually launched an assault on the building. The gunmen detonated explosive belts and dozens of shocked survivors were rescuedSome 40 more people were killed in five other attacks in the Paris region, including an apparent double suicide bombing outside the national stadium, where Hollande and the German foreign minister were watching a friendly soccer international.

It is clear that this incident has left an impact on many people around the world, and I feel that it should deserve the front cover of a major magazine because it was the most tragic and saddening news that had happened all year. Many people lost their loved ones in the bombing and it has also caused many people to reconsider their choice of holiday locations, causing many tourism businesses to lose out. Not only that, it had shocked the world into realization of the seriousness of the threat of terrorists. Many countries had also banded together to help out France in tracking down the terrorists which was quite admirable.