Could teenage love wreck your life?

After reading this article, I agree that teenage love is a prominent factor in the increase of depression rates in teenagers. According to the article, the more interest that an adolescent expressed in romance, the larger their increase in depression as compared with their counterparts who showed no or little interest. This shows that being very involved in romantic relationships at a young age leads to a higher chance of being depressed. I think this is because teenagers are not very strong and mature emotionally since we do throw tantrums every now and then. As compared to adults, teenagers has lesser worries and are not as exposed to a variety of hardships in the society as they are still studying and are still financially supported by their families. Hence, I feel that teenagers are not ready to be involved in intimate relationships yet because they are not emotionally strong. Therefore, teenagers will not be able to handle the emotional distress and will be easily depressed when the relationship does not work out.

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