Land for reserves, yile teckweng

I think Singapore should set aside land for nature reserves. It is important for our precious and unique flora and fauna to remain protected, so that our heritage is conserved and citizens can continue to appreciate our nature. According to the Straits Times, "going through a tract of primary and secondary forests would do irreparable damage to a pristine habitat nestling around our reservoirs". As a result of human disturbance to habitats, many animals and plants may be unable to adapt to the changes and may perish, therefore these species may decline in numbers. Critically endangered species unique to Singapore such as the Banded Leaf Monkey and the Sunda Pangolin face great risks of extinction, in which case Singapore would lose a portion of our natural heritage. Ultimately, cutting through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve has long-term impacts such as losing our natural heritage which results in the future generations unable to appreciate it, hence Singapore should set aside land for nature reserves. 

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