RR Tourism by Ong Kan Wu

The first reason why I agree with this statement is due to the fact that tourism Brings negative effect on the country's environment. I agree with the author whereby he said about tourism having an adverse impact on the biodiversity. As tourism causes deforestation as places need to be made way for tourists to live in and also for tourists attraction, causing certain species to lose their homes. This causes one's country to have certain species to be extinct, causing a loss of biodiversity. For example, one of the research that the author made is that' carbon emissions and air pollution also significantly increase, as more air and land-based vehicles are needed to transport tourists from one destination to another' as you can see from this research, tourism brings many tourists to the country and causes more vehicles to travel on roads or more aero planes to travel in air to the country. This causes a huge increase in the carbon dioxide emission and the increase in carbon dioxide emission causes global warming as carbon dioxide traps heat causing a negative effect on the environment.
According to a research that I made,'About 5% of the land in Singapore has been dedicated to serve as natural parks.' Natural parks are common sites for tourists to go and enjoy the scenery. And 5 percent of Singapore land area is quite a lot of space. 'Singapore holds many bio-diverse ecosystems due to its suitable location near the equator. Singapore has already lost most of its natural environment and biodiversity due to rapid development in the last 30 years'. Due to urbanization, including building of infrastructures for tourism, the biodiversity of our county, Singapore has been lost, hence, affecting our environment in a very negative way. Hence, I feel that tourism like the author says, affects the country's environment and hence, this is one of the factor that causes me to feel that mass tourism threatens to destroy a country's culture and environment and affect the local people.

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