Disability by Jun Ren and Han Yu

 Some people state that it is not essential for children with disabilities to be integrated into our mainstream education system as these schools are unable to provide the resources needed to educate the students with special needs. Students with disabilities, such as dyslexia, are unable to learn at the same rate as those students with no disabilities. This might cause them to be ridiculed by their peers and lower their self esteem, and eventually, cause affect their studies. For instance, Ms Hui's Son, who is labelled as "slow and stupid" by students and Teachers. Studies have found that seeing negative words would release dozens of stress-producing hormones and neurotransmitters. These chemicals immediately interrupt the normal functioning of your brain, impairing logic, reason, language processing, and communication. All of that just by seeing words. Should the students, especially disabled students, be criticised, it might impede their education.
However, I feel that the disabled children should be given an equal chance like the majority to be allowed to attend mainstream schools for education. This is because it provides them a platform to learn efficiently and benefit more as compared to special schools. With more resources such as allied educators, these students will be able to learn more comfortably and quickly as before, especially since they will be able to have help from their peers. Having learnt the same content in school as the others, it also means that all students have an equal chance to bring out themselves in order to excel and succeed. Furthermore, the integration of these disabled children into mainstream schools allows them to overcome their learning barriers, such as communication skills or boosting of confidence. In the long run, it prepares them for the workforce as they will mostly be able to cope and work comfortably with the different people. For example, there are about 3,000 trained teachers to meet their special needs. They are trained to plan, adapt and differentiate the curriculum to meet the learning needs of students, thus enabling them to catch up to the pace of the other students. Another example would be Loh Jia Wei, who is a student with physical disability but had achieved a top score of 278 for PSLE and received bursary awards. This proves that students with disabilities are still able to succeed and therefore they should be included in the education system in mainstream schools.

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MRS TEOH said...

You have impressive evidence in both para. however you also have more than 1 main pt in each para - which is a mistake