Disability by Yan Yang and Alvina

Some people may argue that disabled students should be integrated into mainstream schools, as they will do better there. Studies have shown that at the end of primary school, children on the autistic spectrum who attend mainstream schools are 23 times more likely to do well than children in special schools. Since the disabled students are able to do better in mainstream schools as compared to special schools, therefore, they should integrate into mainstream schools.

However, we believe that disabled students should not be integrated into mainstream schools as they may not be able to to cope and face difficulties. Studies have shown that disabled students do much better in a self-contained atmosphere. The traditional classroom setting is not conducive to meeting the needs of these disabled students. Hence it is highly stressful for them, as well as their teachers when put in mainstream schools as they require special attention to aid in their learning. The article also states that there is 2.7 per cent of the total student population with learning difficulties or mild special educational needs at mainstream schools, said a Ministry of Education (MOE) spokesperson. This shows that they are unable to keep up in mainstream schools and require special attention to enhance their learning. Hence, they should not be integrated into mainstream schools as it will only be more difficult for them to cope and even hinders their learning.

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MRS TEOH said...

you need to write the 2 para as 1 huge counter-argument para. the rebuttal lacks evidence.