Disability by Kan Wu and Jia Xian

Some may argue that by letting the students with disabilities to be integrated into the mainstream education will allow them to live a normal life like all the other students. When these students are integrated into the mainstream education, they will be able to get to know and make friends with students whom do not suffer from the learning disabilities, hence mixing around with them and their friends may help them to overcome their disabilities and hence, they can get to learn like a normal student. As Mr Jaieden Shen, Minds’ head of job placement and job support programme said,"Once you give them a structured routine, the quality of work is awesome … some might be a little slower, but they pay so much attention and are detailed in their work.” This tells us that if the students with disabilities are being integrated into the mainstream, they will learn like all other normal students  and though they may learn slower, they are still learning like all normal students , and they may even be better then them, hence allowing the students with disabilities to lead a normal life when being integrated into the mainstream.

However, I feel that by doing so, these students with disabilities may be left out or looked down by the rest of the students. For example, as these students have a learning disability, they will tend to act differently from all the other students and they might get bullied. Hence with all these negative impacts on them, they will not be able to lead a normal life and hence will be ostracized instead.

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remember that your Topic sentence or Pt should always lead your PEEL, so your main pt in each para is not sufficiently developed