Disability by Xiao Qing and Faith

  Some may argue that by integrating children with disabilities into mainstream education, they can not only have a chance to learn like any other normal child, but also have a good influence on other peers. It is inevitable for these disabled children to face difficulties in normal schools. However, this will allow them to cope and adapt to the people and environment, and at the same time they might learn better. As Mr Jaieden Shen, Minds' head of job placement and job support programme said, "Once you give them a structured routine, the quality of work is awesome...some might be a little slower, but they pay so much attention and are detailed in their work." This shows that the one's disabilities are not a big hindrance to his/her proficiency, so they should be given the chance to have the same education. It is true that they might be ostracized by peers because of their difference, but they will turn out to be a motivation to them when the peers see the great effort they put in to do well in class. Hence, children with disabilities should be integrated into mainstream education.

  However i believe that children with disabilities would have difficulty integrating into the mainstream education, and would only further hamper other students. Children with disabilities would require a longer time and more effort to fit in with others of their age. With their possible mental disabilities, they would struggle to catch up with lessons and would fall behind. This would require teachers to slow down the lesson and teach at a slower pace or go over the same content repeatedly for them to understand, which would inconvenient the other students as they would have to be taught at a slower pace as well. A normal student may require only 1/2 hr to understand a topic but children with mental disabilities would require up to more than twice the amount of time to understand it, slowing down the whole class. Hence, though children with disabilities should have the right to study mainstream education, they would only hamper and slow down the learning process of the other students in the process.

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Good work. Persuasive pts!