Disability by Ying Ru and Xuan Zheng

It is essential for children with disabilities to be integrated into our mainstream education system. DYA?

Some may argue that allowing children with disabilities to integrate into our mainstream education is not optimal as they might disrupt the class, affecting our students in their learning. Many teachers have felt upset over having a few students require special help in their learning as they are unable to have sufficient control of themselves like other students have. Hence, they tend to be noisier than others or learn at a slower pace, slowing other students in their learning. A primary-school teacher, who declined to be named, noted the spectrum of special needs, some of which can cause children to be disruptive in class. Teachers would have to cater for special needs children and customise their teaching methods, he said. “But if there are too many of such children in a class, it is unfair to expect (mainstream) teachers to be able to cope.”  Therefore, integrating children with disabilities into the mainstream education system is not essential as they might be  unable to cope with the learning pace of others and might slow the learning pace of other students. They might also cause teachers to feel stressed out from struggling to meet the needs of so many students. However, the inclusion of children with disabilities can bring about great benefits to the students too. By putting these disabled students into normal curriculum, they will be educated on the same topics and subjects which an ordinary students will be educated on, hence giving them an equal chance in the future workforce. Although the disabled students may tend to have slower learning but then I do believe that with same education structure, disabled students will also be able to excel just like ordinary students. Hence, by integrating the disabled students into our mainstream education system, we are actually providing them with an equal opportunity to excel and achieve great success in their future life, hence removing the social norm that disabled students are always inferior as compared to ordinary students. One example would be Nick Vujicic. He was born without arms or limbs, however he was provided the same education as everyone else, and he succeeded in life by becoming a world famous motivational speaker. This shows that putting disabled students into mainstream education system does benefit the disabled students thenselves.

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well argued counter-argument para. good work!