Changes to PSLE Grading: What Could Be In Store?

Changes To PSLE Grading: What Could Be In Store?

PSLE aggregate scores may be scrapped and replaced with simple grades such as A, B and C. Most parents and educators agree that removing the aggregate score will reduce stress on pupils, and instead of chasing after that final few marks, they can focus more on a holistic development of their skills and interests. The new grading system will be more like the A levels, where the grades are fewer and bands are wider. This will reduce the risk that children are too finely sorted by academic ability at a young age.

I feel that this system should not be implemented although it helps to reduce stress as students will not be able to know exactly how well they have done in the PSLE. They may assume that they have already done very well when they see an A in their results when in actual fact, they may have just barely gotten the A grade. One student may also feel discouraged when their grades are lower than their classmates but their actual results may only differ one or two marks. It will also be harder to know which students are better and which secondary schools they should go to. This may result in students of all different standards put in the same school and it will affect their learning process as they would have different learning speeds. Even though it may be more stressful for the students, the PSLE aggregate scores will allow students to have a better idea of where they stand among their schoolmates and work harder to improve.

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