This is an article where Australia introduced a programme a decade ago which is to ensure that every secondary school student in the country had a computer as part of so-called "digital education revolution" and evaluations of whether the method is effective and useful for students or a  distraction.
I agree with this article. I think that laptops are indeed a distraction for the students. Pupils at this age, especially secondary period, have little self-discipline. They could not refrain themselves from spending too much time on the laptops. They get distracted easily by non-educational websites, therefore laptops should not be allowed to used in school. According to the passage, it states that "Another school, St Paul's Catholic College in Sydney, said it has banned the use of laptops for one day a week to encourage students to play sport and to reduce reliance on the machines.". This shows that laptops are bringing detrimental effect to the students, therefore it should be banned in schools. Thus, with the evidence and explanation above, I can conclude that laptops are distraction to students and should be banned.

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