Malaysia schools reopen after heatwave closure, but no outdoor activities
This article is talking about the Schools in the northern Malaysian states of Perlis and Kedah, which were closed due to the heatwave, having their classes resumed on Thursday (March 24) but outdoor activities are still suspended.the education ministry talk about declared schools to be reopened the decision was made as the temperatures recorded over the preceding 72 hours were below 38 deg.
It is saddening to hear that school closes when the heatwave strikes in some states Malaysia, the Earth's temperature has been increasing over the years due to human development and many harmful consequences have affected the Earth. I think that environment being affected negatively will also interfere us in our daily lives. The Earth is a place for us to live in and every single one of us should be responsible and be a part in saving the Earth. If global warming increases without doing anything to prevent it, our lives such as in the aspect of education, government or health or even more would be affected too. Hence, I believe that it is important that we save the earth through a,individual or a community event.

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