Changes to psle, what could be in store?

Link: Changes to psle, what could be in store?

By this year, Psle aggregate scores may be scrapped and replaced by simple bands such as A, B, C, would this be beneficial?

I feel that this is system should not be implemented as it would mean serious competition for spaces in popular secondary schools. The grade 'A' has a range of 25 marks for those above 74 and we would than be unable to differentiate those of higher grades in the same band as all would receive the same grade, unlike with the aggregate scores, which provided a more specific score. This would also mean that many people would have to fight for spaces in popular secondary schools belonging in their grade and it would mean difficulty choosing places for students who more or less have the same grades. This would result in many popular schools either having to give our spaces at random to those of the same band or to give them out on a first come first serve basis, which may be unfair for those more worthy students and actual higher scores, who may lose out to those who chosen at random. However I do agree that aggregate scores put large amounts of pressure and stress on primary 6s, but I do not believe in simple grade bands being the best solution to this problem.

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