Changes to PSLE grading: What could be in store?

Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) aggregate score will be scrapped and replaced with simple grade bands such as A, B and C some time this year.

I feel that this system should not be implemented. Even though I agree that this can cause less stress for students due to a decrease in pressure, I think this new system will not be beneficial to a student's learning. Students will not know their true standard and in fact stress is what cause a student to work harder to win over others. For example, a candidate who get borderline A in PSLE will think that her score is already very good, when in fact the top scorer might have gotten 50 more marks than her in total, but is still an grade A. If the candidate knows her actual score, she will be clearer of her actual standard and will put in more effort to be better in rankings. In a stress and pressure-free environment, there is nothing to 'push' us to constantly try harder. Only in a competitive society will we work harder to win.

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