What Do We Lose By Measuring ‘Average’ In Education?

Through the example of pilots performing better if the cockpits fits their body, the author was able to bring out the idea that fit creates opportunity. If the environment is a bad match with our individuality, then our performance will always be artificially impaired. If we do get a good fit with our environment, we will then have the opportunity to show what we are truly capable of. This means that if we want equal opportunity for everyone, where we are able to live up to our full potential, then we must create educational institutions that is responsive to individuality.

I agree with the author that fit creates opportunity. The education system that we are under does not necessarily suit everybody. It only fit those who are fast learners and for those who are not as fast, they would be left behind and they will never be able to catch up. This is unfair to them as the system does not provide them with a suitable platform for them to reach their full potential. Every man is born different, hence the education system should provide different students with different kinds of teaching pace, so that it is responsive to different individuals. This is so as to allow all students to excel and to bring up a society of individual excellence.

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