RR Tourism by Ian

Firstly tourism benefits the local people, as it brings about economic developments. When tourists starts visiting a country, it will start generating a need for tourism facilities and infrastructure, such as hotels and resorts. These facilities and infrastructures requires man power for maintenance, hence many of the local people will be hired, in order to keep it running smoothly. With a constant and stable wage, the locals will be able to improve their own standards of living. As stated by the writer, “in 2011 alone, the tourism industry created more than four million- 11.1% of the country’s total employment, which is more than the number of jobs created by the mining industry.” This is very significant as for every 10 person, one of which will be working in the tourism industry. Furthermore, the writer also stated that “in 2012 alone, tourism contributed 6% to the country’s gross domestic product.” This shows the significant amount of revenue tourism can solely bring about. For developing countries such as the Philippines, this amount will be significant, as it will allow the country to build more infrastructures, such as transportation, to further improve the country and the standards of living of the people. In Singapore, tourism contributed to 3% of Singapore’s GDP, which has generated a sum of US $9.4 billion in 2007. This substantial amount, proves explicitly how much tourism means to Singapore. Furthermore, this amount is likely going to be invested into infrastructures for transportation and education. Hence I conclude that tourism benefits the local people, since it brings about economic developments.

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