RR Tourism by Yong Jie Ning

I agree that mass tourism threatens to destroy the environment and affect local people as they create more rubbish and interfere with the local's way of life. According to the writer, " The environment can suffer as well. When coastal areas are converted to beach resorts, mangrove areas and corals that serve as fish sanctuaries are damaged or even completely removed." Thus, this shows that to accommodate the mass tousim, natural heritage sites are destroyed and an increase in air pollution, affecting the locals as well as their heritage begins to fade and their country deteriorate. As mass tourism occurs, tourists usually visit the iconic places in Singapore, namely the Sentosa, Marina Bay and Orchard Road. At these places, there will be an overcrowding of tourists, as well as increase of congestion, not only on roads for vehicles, but also on the pavement. Besides that, many tourist shops and accommodation cluster near such areas for convenience and make them even more congested. When there are many cars on the road, they consistently "start and stop", producing a lot of air pollution. Another impact is the creation of more rubbish which will be incinerated, producing lots of greenhouse gases, harming the environment. Therefore, this shows that mass tourism can destroy the environment and interfere with the local's way of life.

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