RR Tourism by Yi Le

I disagree that tourism threatens to destroy a country's culture, environment and affect the local people. Tourism contributes to a significant portion of economies in both contexts, Singapore and the Philippines. It boosts the economy and contributes to the overall growth of the country. In 2012, tourism contributed 6.0% to the Philippines' Gross Domestic Product (GDP), an ubiquitous sector in the Philippine economy. This is because tourists are attracted to the Philippines hence they travel to Philippines and spend money on various tourist amenities such as hotels, casinos and amusement parks, generating huge amounts of profit. More funds can be allocated to different departments such as healthcare, defense or housing, improving standards of living and contributing to the prosperity of the nation. Likewise, tourism contributed 10.9% of Singapore's GDP in 2012, contributing to the growth of the nation through money channeled to various ministries to improve the nation. Hence, I feel that tourism is not a threat, but is a benefit to countries' economies. 

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