RR Tourism by Karen Chong

I agree with the writer as mass tourism indeed threatens to destroy a country's environment. Due to mass tourism, the environment has been negatively impacted. In order to accommodate for all the tourists, hotels and resorts, land and forests have to be sacrificed and animals lose their natural habitat. When there are fewer animals and trees, there will be more air pollution and carbon emissions. Animals and plants going extinct as well. This will cause the residents living there will have to suffer as well since they have to breathe in polluted air and have less lands to build their own houses since land are all occupied by hotels and restaurants. From the passage, the writer stated that "coastal areas are converted into beach resorts, mangrove areas and coral that serve as fish sanctuaries are damaged." From Singapore the harm mass tourism have caused can be seen as well. One example is that Singapore produces 141 million tonnes of carbon emission, 33rd highest emitter of greenhouse gases among 215 countries. This shows that mass tourism has caused harm to the environment. Hence, I agree with the writer.

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