RR Tourism by Alvina Lim

I disagree with the author that mass tourism affects the local people negatively as it provides them with job opportunities. When tourists visit the country, they would visit tourist attractions and stay at hotels. Thus, people are needed to work in the hospitality and tourism industry to cater to the tourists. In the passage, the author states that “In 2011 alone, the tourism industry created more than four million- 11.1% of the country’s total employment.” This shows that tourism in the Philippines has played a significant role in creating many job opportunities. Additionally, in Singapore, tourism has provided around 110,600 to 112,300 jobs. Jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry include travel consultants, hotel housekeepers and casino dealers. This also shows tourism creating many job opportunities in Singapore. Hence, this is an advantage for the locals as mass tourism increases their chances of getting a job which allows them to earn a living. Therefore, I disagree with the author. 

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