RR Tourism by Tan Jun Na

I agree with the writer’s perspective that mass tourism can destroy a country’s environment. Tourism has led to climate change and environment problems. The writer states that it has an adverse impact on biodiversity, causing damage in coastal areas that are converted into beach resorts, mangrove areas and coral that serve as fish sanctuaries. Carbon emissions and air pollution will increase, making greenhouse gases rise and contributing to global warming. Global warming threatens agricultural production, fresh water supplies and the survival of native species and ecosystems. The impacts of a warming world are concerning enough when considered one by one, but the view worsens when you consider them collectively; more cyclones, more droughts, more floods. In Singapore, gazette hotel room revenue was estimated at $1.9 million, and we may have to sacrifice our natural habitat to build those hotels to facilitate tourism. Singapore has little land, with a mere area of 719.1km². We have to clear away precious greenery, harm nature, for urbanization to take place. Worldwide, 90% forest, 67% birds, 40% mammals, 5% amphibians and reptiles are lost for the rapid development for hotels for tourists. It is a pity how animal life is lost to build infrastructure for tourists. Thus, mass tourism has affected the environment adversely.

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