RR tourism by Song Jia Xian

I agree with the author as i feel that tourism destroys a country's environment. When there is increased tourism in a country, carbon emissions and air pollution significantly increase due to the construction of tourists attractions and the destruction to animal habitats. When coastal areas are converted into beach resorts, mangrove areas and corals that serve as fish sanctuaries are damaged or completely removed. Thus, animals lose their natural habitats and die eventually as their source of food and shelter is destroyed. Singapore has lost 90% of its forest, 67 percent of its birds, about 40 percent of its mammals and 5 percent of its amphibians and reptiles of the original mangroves less than 5% is left. 39% of all native are extinct due to the harm to the environment. Animals species are already facing extinction or risks of being endangered due to harm to their habitats and homes. Carbon emissions and air pollution also significantly increase as more air and land based vehicles are needed to transport tourists from one destination to another. This contribute to more cars on the road and more results in the worsening of air quality in the environment. This shows that urban development for tourism results in harm and destruction to the environment, resulting in worsening of air quality and loss of biodiversity.

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