Introduction: Ari & Shawn

Ari: I am Ari from 3D, previously from 2K. I was from Greenwood Primary School. My CCA is NPCC, which stands for National Police Cadet Corps. It is a cca whereby we are somewhat policemen, learning skills like drills, campcraft, civil defence and physical training. I honestly do not really enjoy going for CCAs. My hobby is to play mobile games such as Clash of Clans and Vainglory, which is what i mostly did during the holidays. I hope to make more friends this year and score better results.

Shawn: My name is Shawn Lim Zhi Jie and I came from class 2J. My prinary school was Unity Primary School and I still have many good friends there. My hobbies are playing computer games as it can help destress. i also like to spend time with my friends playing games. My CCA is NPCC and it may be tiring sometimes.


Tan Han Yu said...

Shawn, maybe you and I can play some computer games together during the weekends.

Lim Jun Ren said...

Ari, we share the same interests! Perhaps we can play together in the future when we are free.