Self introduction of Ian and Damien

My name is Ian lee Hwee Liang and I came from class 2A 2015. I came from a somewhat prestigious primary school called Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary school. My hobbies are playing computer games such as counter strike global offensive as it is a good way to pass time. I also like to watch soccer and the football club I support is Manchester United. My CCA is volleyball and though it is tiring, I feel that it is quite fun and I can lose a lot of weight. :)

My name is Damien Wee Joon Long. I was previously in class 2G but currently in class 3D. I came from a neighborhood primary school called Canberra primary school and it was rather popular among residents living nearby. I enjoy cooking, art and playing computer games as I find these hobbies a good way to pass time. I am also in the volleyball team in RV.

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