Introduction: Cheryl and Ying Han

I am Cheryl. I was in class 2F last year. My current CCA Is ELDDS debates. I like watching movies and listening to music during my free time. I hope I can get to know my new classmates this year better.

My name is Ying Han. I'm a badminton player and runner. During my free time, I like reading books, baking and watching Netflix. My idols are Katniss Everdeen and Miranda Sings. I have suspicions that I have ADHD. My attention span is about 30 seconds, so anything longer than that would ultimately throw me slightly off for a period of time. 


Faith Lim Jie Xin RVHS said...

Hey Ying Han! I also love the Hunger Games trilogy and also other science-fiction series like The Maze Runner, Divergent and the Lorien Legacies etc. (Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments too!) Miranda Sings is also pretty cool but I watch more of ThatcherJoe and Caspar Lee. And yes I've noticed that you get very hyper at times :D

loh teckweng said...

Hey cheryl!I like movies as well and i torrent movies during my free time from movies such as interstellar to action movies such as now you see me and i listen to music on spotify too. Hope to know you better too chairperson!