Introduction: Song Jia Xian & Ong Kan Wu

Kanwu: I am Ong Kan Wu previously from 2D and currently in 3D. I am a Singaporean living in Senja. My previous primary school was West View Primary School, and I was in scouts and now my CCA is softball. My hobby is playing electronic games and doing sports. My family consists of 4 people, they are my parents sister who is also studying in RVHS and me.

Jia Xian: I am Song Jia Xian previously from class 2D. I am a Singaporean living in the Jurong West area. During my free time, i would normally spend my time on games and i enjoy watching movies especially those from the Marvel Comics like the X-Men, Spiderman, Iron Man or even The Avengers. I previously studied at Jurong West Primary School when i was younger. Currently, I am in St. John Brigade and i like my CCA very much. Although sometimes it was tough with a high discipline standard but i enjoyed the times spent with my friends and many friendships were forged.

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