Self-introduction of Xiao Qing and Faith

As you might have already known, I am previously from 2K and I play softball. I am a Christian and I have 3 siblings, with my eldest brother being 29 currently. I am a person with few words but people say I am weird. I love books, especially science-fiction, but I am also a hardcore Kpop fan online. My New Year resolution is to minimize procrastination and I hope to get to know 3D better soon.

Xiao Qing:
My name is Xiao Qing and I am originally from 2K. My hobbies are reading and listening to music which I do often in my spare time. Though I am not really girly, I love the colors pink and purple. My aspirations for this year is to improve in my Chinese. I also hope to make more new friends in class.

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Yong Jie Ning RVHS said...

Hi Xiao Qing, I like reading too, maybe we can exchange books and even read together! :)