Introduction of Lau Ying Ru and Tan Xuan Zheng

Introduction of ourselves:
I am Lau Ying Ru from class 2G last year. I am from St John Brigade. I like my CCA and I hope that I will be able to contribute to the CCA. My favourite colour is light purple. I collect stamps as a hobby, however, I only have local stamps as I have no relatives overseas.

I am Tan Xuan Zheng from class 2G last year. I am originally from Malaysia and is currently staying in the RVHS hostel. My CCA is National Cadet Corps and I love my CCA a lot especially the spirit I learnt throughout my two years in NCC. My favourite subject is Math and Science as I find them interesting and easy to learn. My favourite past time is to learn magic tricks and I really love how the audience get amazed and puzzled by magics.

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Hu Huiying RVHS said...

Hey Ying Ru! It's quite rare to find people who collect stamps as a hobby nowadays and I think that it must be very interesting to have it as a hobby! :-)