Introduction: Wye Yee and Huiying

Wye Yee: I am Khong Wye Yee from 2f. I was from Shuqun Primary School. My CCA is String Ensemble and I play the viola. I like to spend my free time listening to music, watching korean shows and occasionally going out with friends. I am not the kind that open up to others easily but I hope to be able to make more friends in 3D!! :-)

Huiying: I am Hu Huiying, previously from 2B. I was from Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) and my CCA is String Ensemble.  During my free time, I paint, draw or play the piano. Although I might not seem like someone who would find joy in watching slam poetry, I do enjoy watching them from time to time. Some might find me extroverted, but deep inside, I am pretty introverted.


Lau YR said...

Hi Wye Yee, I spend my free time watching korean shows too. My favourite korean variety show is Running Man, do you like it too? I am not really good at making new friends but I hope that we can be friends.

Park Shin Young said...

Hello Huiying :) I have a friend from String Emsemble too! (I bet you know her)After knowing that you draw, I really hope to see your drawings :)