Outbreak of Zika virus

Link to news: Zika virus spreading explosively

Summary: In 2015, Zika virus was detected in the Americas, where it is spreading explosively. The Zika virus is transmitted by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Brazil has recorded nearly 4,000 cases of microcephaly, a serious and normally rare birth defect that may be linked to Zika, since the start of 2015. 

Opinion: I think that this article is very important and should be the headline of TIME and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine is because Zika virus is a disease that occur to America now and have a possibility of spreading to the whole world. We should be alert and be sure that we have not contracted the disease. If we had Zika virus, we should go through the medication procedure in hospital for the better of us and others. In my opinion, the disease will spread to us only when we go to countries with this disease. Putting this news as priority helps to bring aware to all people of the symptoms and cautions. When there is a new cure or treatment or more information about that disease,  everybody will pay attention to it and know how to beware of it or take precautions in order to prevent getting it. I feel very worried for those patients who have such illness as there is no cure developed yet so it is very dangerous and deadly.

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