NASA scientist find evidence of flowing water on Mars
Summary: Liquid water runs down canyons and crater walls over the summer months on Mars, according to researchers who say the discovery raises the chances of being home to some form of life.The trickles leave long, dark stains on the Martian terrain that can reach hundreds of metres downhill in the warmer months, before they dry up in the autumn as surface temperatures drop.
Opinion: We think this news article can be on the cover page of magazines such as national geographic as this discovery of Mars having liquid water means that there might be a second 'Earth' that humans can depend on. The Earth has been our home for millions of years and there have been mass extinctions taking place. In the past few years, the Earth has had many climate changes and although this is due to the work of humans, it will not stop. This climate change will continue and one day, may lead to the destruction of the Earth and human kind. Hence, finding a second 'Earth' is neccessary to ensure the continuation of man kind. Mars may be this second 'Earth' if it is able to contain human life. Colonization can ensure the continuation of human life and i feel that the research for a suitable planet is extremely important. 
At the same time, the fact that liquid water has been found on Mars may prove that we are not alone. Although we believe that Earth is not the only planet with living organisms, we have not been able to find the evidence. Now that water, which is needed for survival, has been found in another planet, there is solid evidence that we may not be alone. 
I find it a very exciting find as people have always thought of ourselves as a smart and evolutionized species but imagine having other species living in other planets which may be even better and stronger than us.

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