Supreme Court makes gay marriage legal throughout US

Link to news: Supreme Court makes gay marriage legal throughout US

Summary: In a ruling on Friday, June 26, the highest court in the United States said the Constitution requires all 50 states to carry out and recognize marriages between people of the same sex. The US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal throughout the nation in a much-awaited landmark decision that triggered wild jubilation and tears of joy across the country.

Opinion:  The reason why we choose this news to be on the front cover of the Time magazine is because the issue on gay marriage has received worldwide attention from all over the world arguing that it should be accepted by the society. On a personal level, We feel that gay marriage should be accepted by society. Not everyone is being born normally, and some may have different sexual orientations. We have no rights to change who these people really are and the more we should not oppose to same-sex marriage. Who says marriage has to be a "Man-Women" thing. Gay marriage is just a marriage of the same gender with different sexual orientations. No one should go against them. I feel that it is a great move for the supreme court to legalise gay marriage after the big discussion on gay rights. If we have our rights, they should have theirs' too.

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