Introduction: Celest and Shin Young

Celest: I am Celest Seah, from class 2I last year. I'm from Concert Band and I play the string bass. My interests are traveling and photography. I enjoy reading online stories, listening to songs and watch Korean shows as it is my way of distressing. I love going to theme parks and I prefer adventurous outings. My family consists of four members; my parents, an older brother and me.

Shin Young: I'm Shinyoung originally from 2I 
I have a hobby of learning photography. I'm a Korean and I came here in 2006. Despite being Korean, I don't speak fluently in that language. I hope that I can cope well in my studies this year as it is going to be a tough year.


Xiao Qing Chang said...

Hi Celest, let's go USS together someday ;)

Karen Chong said...

Hi Shin Young, I like photography too! Hope to see some of the photos that you took and good luck with your studies :)