Introduction : Teck Weng and Yile

Teckweng : I am Loh Teck Weng, previously from 2I. I was from Juying Primary School and my CCA is the infocomm club. I enjoy building and programming robots and learning new skill sets. Im pretty extroverted though i prefer being quiet during lessons.

Yi le : I am Puan Yi Le and my CCA is National Cadet Corps. I am a proud member of our school's NCC Freestyle Drill team. I am rather introverted but friendly too. I am known among friends to have a slower reaction sometimes due to understanding things slower. I enjoy reading, listening to music and watching Youtube videos.


Ari Lim said...

Hey Yi Le, I enjoy listening to music and watching youtube videos too especially gaming related videos

Shawn Lim said...

Teck Weng, maybe 1 day you can show me one of your robots!