Why Did ISIS Attack Paris?

Link to news: Why Did ISIS Attack Paris?

SUMMARY: On the 13th November, ISIS attacked Paris and killed 129, injuring many. Investigators race to identify the assailants and their collaborators and believed they start organizing in France and Belgium. The people are also concerned into why the attacks took place. Given that ISIS had promised that the Paris attacks were the first of the downpour, it is essential to find out why is it happening in the first place and how best to find shelter.

OPINION: In my opinion, this news event deserves to be the front cover because it is absolutely necessary for people to understand the rationale behind the terrorism carried out so far by ISIS. I feel that a lot of people only know ISIS superficially, and that knowledge is simply not enough. We need the public to understand further in depth about the mindset of these terrorists, and this article can prepare us for that as we learn that none of us are truly safe from the merciless hands of… ISIS.

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