Paris Attack: Friday November 13th

Paris attacks: Toll rises to 128 dead, 99 critically injured; 8 assailants killed after multiple terror strikes

The bloodiest attack seen in Europe since the 2004 Madrid train bombings happened on 13 November 2015. Terrorists attacked restaurants, a concert hall and a sports stadium across Paris, killing more than 120 people. Eight assailants had also died, seven of whom had blown themselves up with explosive belts, while one had been shot dead by the police. There was no verifiable claim of responsibility but supporters of the Islamic State militant group confessed that the attacks were their doing.
Visibly shaken President Hollande declared a nationwide state of emergency and announced the closure of France's borders to trap any loose gunmen. All emergency services were mobilised and buildings were shut. Radio stations broadcast warnings to stay home and urged residents to give shelter to anyone caught out in the street.

It was unclear what political impact the latest attacks would have on the regional elections. Leaders of other countries had expressed concern about the attacks and regarded them as inhuman. Prime Minister Lee also condemned the shootings, calling it an attack on our shared humanity and has raised Singapore's vigilance.

I felt that this piece of news should deserve the front cover of the newspaper, because it is one of the bigger news that we have heard off for the year 2015 and the news of the Paris Attack is so groundbreaking that nearly the whole world knows about it on the morning of Nov 14. So how fast did the news spread? It was so fast that one day after the incident happened, all of the social media were flooding with posts that state"Pray for Paris". From this simple example, I can tell that the Paris Attack was of great significance to the people around the world and is definitely a news worthy to be remembered. Another reason why the news should deserve the front cover is that the Paris Attack involves the infamous terrorist group, ISIS. ISIS has been a hot topic of the year as they were condemned for several inhuman acts such as the beheading of humans, hence, putting this piece of news as the front cover of newspapers or magazines would help to raise awareness for the rest of the world to stand up together and fight ISIS. These are the reasons why I feel that the Paris Attack deserve the headline and front cover of the news.

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