Introduction: Han Yu & Jun Ren

Tan Han Yu:
I am Tan Han Yu, previously from class 2G. I was from Nan Hua Primary School. My current CCA is   the infocomm club. I like watching videos on YouTube and play video games like FIFA in my free time. I also enjoy playing football during the weekends and is usually the goalkeeper as I'm the best goalkeeper among my friends.

Lim Jun Ren:
My name is Lim Jun Ren previously from class 2G. I was from Jurong West Primary School. My CCA is NCC. My hobbies include reading, listening to music and playing computer games. I also like to watch and play soccer. My favourite team is Manchester United.


Ong kan wu said...

I support Manchester City :D

jiaxian song said...

I also enjoy watching watching on youtube during my free time! I guess we share the same hobby