Introduction: Kar Wai and Ying Jia

Kar Wai :
I am Chong Kar Wai from 2C. My previous school was Yew Tee primary School. My co-curriculum activity is string ensemble and I am playing the cello. My hobby is to read online stories and watch anime. Lastly, one of my favorite food is sushi.

Ying Jia :
My name is Ying Jia. My previous school is Lianhua Primary school and I am previously from class 2B. My co-curricular activity is string ensemble and I play the cello. My hobbies are watching dramas and listening to musics. My hope for this year is to get to know my new classmates better.


Cheryl Teo said...

Hey Kar Wai, I like to watch anime too. We should watch together sometime :D

Celest Seah said...

Hi Ying Jia :) my best friend is in cello too! I play the string bass in band so it will be good if we get to know each other's instruments more :)