Introduction: Tan Jun Na & Yong Jie Ning

Jun Na: I'm Jun Na, fourteen (and a half). I enjoy writing, and I'm sure I'll enjoy English lessons with Mdm Teoh. I'm a very peculiar person, with various personalities and hobbies. Usually I make a bad impression on everyone I first meet due to my cheekiness, but I hope I can go along well with everyone in 3D! I love watching Twitch stream, English movies, Japanese animation, Taiwanese dramas and Korean variety shows in my free time :D

Jie Ning: Hello, I'm Jie Ning and my CCA is NPCC. I'm turning fifteen this year just like the rest of my classmates. I usually enjoy reading fiction stories and going cycling during my free time. Occasionally I watch dramas too, especially Korean ones. I'm not a very sociable person but I hope to get along well with my new classmates soon :)


Alvina Lim RVHS said...

Jun Na: Hi Jun Na, I also love watching Korean variety shows, Japanese animation, English movies and Taiwanese dramas/movies! I really hope that we can be friends as not only do you seem like a very fun person to spend time with, but also, we have many things in common too ;D

WyeYee Khong said...

Jie Ning: Hi Jie Ning, I watch Korean dramas occasionally too! I am not a very sociable person either, but hopefully we will be able to get closer to each other?